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Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.

Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.


A lost message

Im being taken on the waves of the ocean

Like a message in a bottle.


Didin't found yet a place to stay.

No one found me yet to read.


Im still lost, and i have this feel

That im not to be found.


Inside me there's so much

That not even i know it all.

Around me, theres a dark sea

Stained by all the paint i had, inside me.


Now, all this waves is me, spreading the words

That once were mine.

And i, im part of the sea,

Wild to everyone, away of all the crowd.


A lost message, is what i am and have to offer.

The words there written, were washed away

From the strong blows of the waves.

Me? Im nobody now, i lost my porpuse,

I lost my message...


I lost myself.




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