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Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.

Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.


Dreamy child

Been dreaming even before i knew how to talk,

All simple things, as the comfort of family

Or that colorful light upon my crib.

My very own sunshine.


That simplicity never vanished,

I think i ask now less than i did before,

Is just that... Words, came along...

And life became more than smiling and crying over a minute alone.


I never cared less for what i was doing,

Somehow i felt that this wasn't my time,

This wasn't my life, this had nothing to do with dreams.

Life became a lie, and i never trusted myself since then.


I've hidden, words, feelings, everything that was mine

Cause i didn't wanted those in a world of lies,

And i became nothing but a dreamer in daylight,

Making lives of all different kinds.


I can't barely remember which one is now mine,

Or wich dream i had chosen to carry on.

My life became now a pile of broken thoughts,

My dreamy child is now a whisper of his former shout.