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Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.

Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.





I've been wandering, for quite some time
'Ve'been lost, cold, alone...
Been dying a slowly death, and a phantom pain always felt.
Its all inside me, and is not willing to disappear.


The sun for me is not warm no more,
The moon even freezes my bones, almost my soul.
The day is shallow, seems illusion.
The night is lifeless, always dark.


My tears don't drop for me no more, they accepted the pain that is living like this.
Today, a smile on my face is rarer than gold.
I've lost compassion for people, and i never really loved...
But i know, im all miserable on my own.


What do i do? I don't know, never done anything
Just carried on, like time does for us all.
I know im not time, i don't even own a dam watch...


Who am i, then? I don't know... I'm lost...

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