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Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.

Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.


Outside of the Gates

My hands are trembling

My body doesn't move.

I'm stuck in my fear and i can't fight back!


I'm covered in mud and blood of my enemies and my own.

My sword is dented,

My arm broken

And i have no more will to carry my shield

Of how heavy it turned into.

I praised to the Gods to give me strength

But i failed to prove myself to them!

Odin! Make your cruelty my justice,

Your eye my vision;

And from your ravens

Give me memory and wisdom!

I shall fight for a world with a sun and a moon,

I shall fight alonside with you, Allfather!

My sword is yours,

My life is yours,

My battle is yours for all eternity!

I'm not dead yet

And i will not die here shrunken in fear!

I shall die fighting and the gates of Valhalla cross!


Wait for me, Allfather!

I shall too drink in the great mead hall

I shall fight alongside and agaisnt brave men!

Yes, i will fall...

But i will return everytime

And when the wolf flees and rises

I will be one of your spears to fight agaisnt him!


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