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Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.

Fui. Sou. Serei...

Pensamentos do (meu) mundo.


The future is today!

Im here,
And you're not.
And life is always this waiting game, ti'l we reach the grave...

Some panic,
Some try to pray
Some cry over it
Some climb over anything

But life ends, one day for us all.
And its the living who are fighting,

while is the dead who are on the ground.

For those it ended, and there is no turning back,
For us, breathing gets harder and we only see the hole that will be our eternity.

Why waiting for it, if it is it waiting for us.
One day we slip, one day we fall, one day we sleep for the rest of it,
But that day is not now.
Today we should breath, today we should live, today we should talk,
But if this aint the day, then tomorrow, for sure.
A poor's man last hopes, avoiding one more day his deep hole.


We wait for it to never end,

But one day we just stop doing it.

One day it arrives, and we never know how to greet it

But life knows, life knows it well
It closes our eyes, it stops us from tell.
It closes our mind, it stops our thinking,
Land keeps the routing flesh, but preserves the bones, the twisted...

We're nothing but some ashes, a mind and some thoughts,
In the end nothing keep us, in the end nothing is ours.

Ashes fly free, where it always wanted to be,
Our mind rests, as time was torturing it
And our thoughts more than a thought were
Then but a memory we once had,
Memory lost in time for all, that we once shared

We wait for the day we are not here,
We think ahead of ourselves.
One day it really ends
And we were nothing more than a thought that people once had.

The future brings immortality to those who made great things,
Being those good or bad, time doesn't care.
History just really likes big names, as so we do as well

But in the end we are forgotten,
And just a few will know our name
Even us forget it, who can we blame?
But all this to say
That one day it does end,
But lets not think that day today
Because today im still part great

Till i remember my name i will shout it,
Till i remember to write i will non-stop it
Let it be this day, that the future is today!

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